IBank Social Responsability 2017.

Support to Society.

Social Responsibility is part of the work ethic and the mission of iBank, who have expressed their disposition and their attention to social commitment with the social local environment, we have supported different initiatives and projects, thus creating progress and wellbeing in the society.

See Communities Emerging.

We know that prosperity must be everyone’s, so we support projects necessary in the society to watch the communities blossom and leave a path of progress for future generations.

In keeping with the annual Humanitarian drive, IBank Corporation is pleased to have made its donation of US$500 to the Bafondpoint Football Academy. Coached and founded by Mr. Shawn Martin and Mr. Duly Polydore, the Academy has been in existence for 7 years.

This is only one of the many projects that our bank works with for the community: projects that improve the quality of live and help people cross barriers, be it educational, cultural or work related, also instilling basic values and promoting progress.

Tools for Self-Improvement.

Hailing from a small community south of the Island of Dominica called Bagatelle, are 30 young footballers ranging from ages 8 – 14, hoping to one day make it to the big league.

A thankful Mr. Martin said the donation will go toward equipments for training which includes balls and cones, among others items. IBank Corporation wishes the Academy success and growth for years ahead.

 Gallery 2016-2017.



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