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A very smart way to save, invest and empower your finances

With an affordable opening balance of $1,000. iBank is the first web bank of latin america that allows you to make and receive payments from all around the globe, protect your investments, and more…



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Guaranteed Security. Duty of confidentiality

A very strict policy of security, high security investments and regulated by prominent trustworthy institutions (both financial and governmental). IBank is the place where your investments and your savings can always be safe and secure.

iBank Corporation is supervised by the Financial Service Unit, which under the Financial Service Unit Act, No 18 of 2008 is the authority in the Commonwealth of Dominica responsible for the supervision and regulation of offshore banks registered in the jurisdiction.


Get your profession and/or business empowered with our exclusive catalog of fully integrated services and solutions

In addition to being the first web bank of Latin America, iBank maintains a team of developers and visionaries who constantly develop services that facilitate your life and expand the reach of your profession and/or business.

From charges to credit cards (iBilling) to electronic wallets (iwallet) and iKard – a MasterCard Platinum Credit Card – this is but a small sample of the benefits that represent being part of our family.

With allies and instruments you can trust 

iBank is a Private International Bank with an operational license granted by the Commonwealth of Dominica. Regulated by the Financial Services Unit (FSU). IBank is a high growth organization lead by experienced executives and driven by technological edge.

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