IBank People: Call Account Individual


iBank People: Call Account Individual

Manage your money securely for saving, or making payments. Send and receive money from anywhere in the world securely.

The iBank  Personal account allows you to deposit funds to a dedicated account number in your own name.

Balances may be held in USD, EUR, GBP – which can be accessed via iBank online banking platform.

Funds can be withdrawn via online payment order from your iBank account dashboard at any time.

Wire transfer swift payments can be sent to/ received by any financial institution, subject to the usual risk controls.

1495 Monto Mínimo de apertura: $1.500 USD
1495 Saldo Mínimo: $1.500


Opening Deposit: $1.500 USD
Minimum Balance: $1.500 USD
Movements per month: 6
Checkbook: No
Credit Card: Included
Transfers per month: 6
Monthly Deposits: Unlimited
Cash Deposits: No
Performance: Yes
Online Access: Yes
Overdraw: No
Balance Alerts: Yes

Online Application:


1. Complete in black ink (Please PRINT) The form “Client’s Information Individual”.

  • Photo of passport or government issued photo ID Document of all shareholders of over 20% of the company
  • Photo of same individual holding his passport – selfie.
  • Letter from a Public Accountant indicating it has reviewed the personal accounts and can certify: income for last 12 months, source of funds.
  • Copy of a recent company bank statement from a major financial institution indicating transactions and personal address.
  • Copy of a public service bill (gas, electricity, telephone, water), no more than two months old, or a bank statement in the client’s personal name and home address.
  • Company specimen signatures form

In case more information is needed, please contact your banking officer or write directly to iBank by email: info@i-bank.us

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