iCertificates: Certificates of Deposits


iCertificates: Certificates of Deposit

Certificates that increase your investment portfolio with greater flexibility and the best interest on the market

The Certificate of Deposit is an instrument that allows natural clients and legal persons to deposit different amounts, terms and interest rates, at their convenience.

The deposited funds in this instrument shall earn interests at a rate determined by the Treasury guidelines.

19956 Opening Deposit: $20.000 USD


Opening Deposit: $20.000 USD
Minimum/Maximum Time: 15d/24Mo
Performance: According to Treasury guidelines
Pre-Cancellation: Yes
Negotiable: Yes
Online Access: No
Balance Alerts: Sí


1. Legible copy of valid passport of each of the shareholders, members of the Board of Directors and persons with full powers of management and decision.

2. Legible copy of Articles of Incorporation and bylaws of the company and main amendments.

3.  Legible copy of Tax ID Number (RIF)

One of the following documents:

4.1. Last payment invoice of any public service of the Company (gas, electricity, telephone, water) no more than two months old
3.2. Receipt of Condominium payment
3.3.  Rental or Lease Agreement
3.4. Bank Statement including Company address

4. Banking Information

4.1. Two (2) Commercial or Banking References addressed to IBank (one is mandatory to be a banking reference
4.2. One (1) Banking reference addressed to IBank of the persons with full powers of management and decisionor the person empowered by the board of directors to perform broader financial operations

5. Written interview with Sales Executive with the client, in compliance with KYC

6. Completed Bank forms, (PleaseType or Print) and in black ink.

7. Signatures registry form

8. Income statement, Employer letter or Letter from a Public Accountant, that shows profession or craft,income source and amount

9. Copy of Last Income Tax Statement or Annual Financial Report (Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statement) signed by an authorized officer from the company

10. Copy of Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting authorizing the opening of an account with the Bank

In case more information is needed, please contact your banking officer or write directly to iBank to the following email:

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