How to open my account with iBank: the Web Bank of Latinamerica

It is very easy to open your account on iBank. Pick the account that works best with your financial needs and you can enjoy our services in three simple steps


Step One: Pick the type of account that works best for your financial needs

With Savings Accounts, iAccount VIP, call accounts and certificates for individuals and businesses, all customers are always a priority for iBank.   The first step is to go to the section  “My Products iBank”  to chose the product that suits your financial needs.

Once you have picked the product, click “Open My Account”.

Go to my products iBank


Step Two: picking requirements

Every iBank product has its own requirements.  It´s very easy once you have determined the type of account  you want to open from  “My Products iBank”. The next step is to get all the necessary requirements for your chosen products.


Step three: Contact one of our executives and activate your account.

Once you have all the requirements, the process to open your account is very simple. Contact us through your assigned executive or through any of our contact data in the “Contact us” section. The activation process is very quick, Once your application has been approved, you will be able to use your account instantly.

Contáctanos aquí

Do you need help?

One of our executives is ready to help you and guide you on the best solution for your financial needs.

+1 (767) 440.4227 (Dominica)

Or find us in any of our representation offices   here.


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