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By Alexander S. Lawson

To the layman, all printing kinds glance a similar. yet for typographers, photo artists and others of that lunatic fringe who think that the letters we glance at day-by-day (and take fullyyt without any consideration) are of profound value, the query of ways letters are shaped, what form they suppose, and the way they've got developed continues to be certainly one of passionate and carrying on with concern.

Lawson explores the titanic territory of sorts, their improvement and makes use of, their antecedents and offspring, with precision, perception, and readability. Written for the layman yet containing exhaustive examine, drawings and synopses of typefaces, this e-book is a vital addition to the library of somebody s typographic library. it truly is, as Lawson states, now not written for the printer confident that there are already too many typefaces, yet particularly for that curious a part of the inhabitants that believes the other; that the subtleties of refinement as applies to roman and cursive letters have not begun to be absolutely investigated and that the construction of the appropriate typeface is still a target to be as a lot wanted through current as through destiny style designers. someone desiring to typographic knowledge should still personal and treasure this vintage.

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Myklebust, R. : Anat. Embryol. : Cell Tissue Res. : Anat. Rec. 194,587 (1979); Yunge, L. : Cell Tissue Res. 207, 1(1980) Atrioventricular bundle (A-V bundle, bundle of His. truncus fasciculi atrioventricularis'): A part ,about 15 mm long and 2-3 mm wide, of 1 impulse-conducting system of heart, beginning in 1 atrioventricular node and penetrating interventricular septum. Here, A divides into two branches (crus dextrum' and crus sinistrum') destined for the corresponding ventricles. Each branch ramifies extensively forming 1 Purkinje fibers, which establish contacts, via 1 Purkinje and 1 transitional cells, with ordinary 1 cardiac muscle cells.

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