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26 Security Planning The user can also be confident after preparation of the PSD, that he may proceed with system implementation with assurance that the design represents an optimal solution given the resource commitments approved by decision-makers. A feedback loop at the end of this phase provides a consensual link for succeeding design steps. With receipt of user approval, the basic system design can be frozen for preparation of the final system design. Phase III—Preparation of Final System Design The final system design (FSD) phase sets the security system design process into a pre-implementation cycle and takes the preliminary system design to the levels of specificity required for actual procurement and installation.

A prioritized matrix of consequences will focus both the user and the system designer on specific vulnerabilities and provide a foundation for later cost-benefit considerations. The resulting analysis should be a focal point for discussion with the user, both to sensitize him to Integrated Security System Definition 23 Figure 3. Vulnerability analysis. What physical and procedural countermeasures must be defeated by the inside/outside adversary to successfully penetrate the protected area and carry out his mission?

Access 7 8 9 Alarm/***** 10 Alarm/***** 11 Normal Access Normal Maintenance Operator Response * * * * Arm Arm Arm * Proc. Proc. Arm Fire Secure/Neg. Secure/Inop. Access 12 13 14 1 Alarm/Neg. 2 Alarms/Neg. 1 Alarm/Inop. 2 Alarms/Inop. Alarm/Pos. 15 16 17 18 19 Arm Fire Arm Fire Fire Access/Look Alarm/***** 20 Fire 1 Alarm/Neg. Secure/Neg. Secure/Inop. Access 21 22 23 Arm Arm Arm 1 Alarm/Neg. 2 Alarms/Neg. 1 Alarm/Inop. 2 Alarms/Inop. Alarm/Pos. 24 25 26 27 28 Arm Fire Arm Fire Fire 2 Alarms/Neg.

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