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Adenomatous Polyps of the Colon: Pathobiological and Clinical Features consolidates the tremendous physique of easy technology and medical facts linked to adenomatous polyps of the colon, a lot of it encouraged via the conclusion that almost all colorectal carcinomas appear to come up in such polyps. This ebook strives to judge those information, with specific emphasis on their implications for administration of polyp-bearing topics. issues comprehensively explored contain anatomy and histology of the conventional colon; pathologic features of adenomatous polyps, differential analysis, and grading schemes for measure of dysplasia and villosity; adenomatous polyposes; histologic and epidemiologic proof for the malignant strength of adenomatous polyps; and detection and administration, with specified consciousness to endoscopy, endoscopic polypectomy, the malignant polyp, and post-polypectomy surveillance schedules.

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The proliferating adenoma cells are believed to represent a failure of differentiation of the precursors of absorptive and goblet cells as documented in ultrastructural and kinetic studies (see Chap. F). It is uncertain ifthe origin of adenoma is monoclonal or polyclonai. Using G6PD analyses of adenoma cells, evidence has been obtained for both pathways (see Haggitt & Reid, 1986). , 1987). A stereological analysis of polyp growth in 14 APs (presumably TAs) from a patient with FPC has been performed by Pesce and Colacino (1987), who calcu- Histogenesis of Polyps 35 lated the area of glandular and surface epithelium.

1985). This abnormal staining pattern was postulated to be a marker for future neoplasia in a morphologically normal mucosa, but the significance of these findings is unclear in view of the findings from the same group that even their nor- Other Characteristics of Polyps 29 mal colon control mucosae showed a 39 percent loss of those sialomucins. , 1983); fucose is strongly PAS positive. , 1987). Fetal colon also contains abundant glycogen, whereas normal adult colon is devoid of it. 4. Markers Altered expression of lectins has been described in colonic neoplasia.

J Clin Pathol 35:830-841. Kozuka S (1975) Premalignancy of the mucosal polyp in the large intestine. I. Histologic gradation of the polyp on the basis of epithelial pseudostratification and glandular branching. Dis Colon Rectum 18:483-493. Lance P, Lev R (1989) Colonic oligosaccharide structure deduced from lectin-binding studies before and after desialylation. (Submitted for publication) Lane N, Kaplan H, Pascal R (1971) Minute adenomatous and hyperplastic polyps of the colon: Divergent patterns of epithelial growth with specific associated mesenchymal changes.

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