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8 However, where does the concentration of many Biblical scholars on the writing material as a central piece of information originate? 10 6 Instructive and at the same time essential information on how to edit a papyrus and related objects with is offered by Turner, Greek Papyri, 202–3. 7 In general cf. Kraus ‘Ad fontes’, 1–16. Oxy. 655’, 84–7. 8 Cf. Oxy. 840’, 81–94. Finally, Kruger could have integrated additional paleographical observations in order to support his theses (for instance, an in-depth description of the hand of the scribe; the page layout; the usage of two different inks—black and red; the size of the fragment in relation to its questionable usage as amulet which is taken for granted quite often in secondary literature [the fragment does not have any foldings]).

When the objects were brought into collections then and registered there, the deÀnition of papyrology as shown above evolved and brought with it speciÀc systems of cataloguing that qualify parchments as papyri, being the main writing material for the time and the geographic area of the discipline. Vindob. e. Vindob. 24 The Àeld of papyrology, which evolved almost on its own in the course of the practice of editing, has been established for quite some time now, as the agreed-upon conventions of cataloguing and the shortened forms proved very valuable.

Aspects and Background for an Understanding of ƄƆƔƄƏƏƄƖƒƌ (and ƌƇƌƛƖƄƌ) in Acts 4:13’. de/phil-fak/ifa/NRWakademie/ papyrologie; last access 31/10/2006). 12 See Birt, Das antike Buchwesen; idem, Die Buchrolle; Hunger, Lesen und Schreiben in Byzanz; Trost, Scriptorium. Very interesting insights into the manufacturing of rolls and their usage have recently been provided by Johnson, Bookrolls. Mitt. ; Montevecchi, La papirologia; Gallo, Greek and Latin Papyrology; Turner, Greek Papyri; Rupprecht, Kleine Einführung; Pestman, The New Papirological Primer; Bagnall, Reading Papyri.

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