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By Robert B. Parker

Television reporter sweet Sloan has eyes the colour of cornflowers and legs that extend all of the strategy to heaven. She additionally has someone threatening to arrange her wonderful face if she retains on snooping into fees of Hollywood racketeering.

Spenser's activity is to maintain sweet fit until eventually she breaks the largest tale of her occupation. yet her big name witness has simply bowed out with 3 bullets in his chest, difficult men have doubled as much as try out Spenser's ability together with his fists, and sweet is set to exploit her personal candy physique as dwell bait in a dangerous romantic game--a video game which can expense Spenser his lifestyles.

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There was silence on the other end. “Or whoever you can find,” I said. “It doesn’t have to be Dale. ” “I’ll do what I can,” she said. ” There was a giggle at the edge of her voice. ” I said. ” “All right,” she said. “When will you arrive? ” “I’ll take the noon flight on American. ” “I think so,” I said. ” “Good,” she said. “Fly first class. The station won’t blink. ” I looked at my watch. Ten of five. If the traffic was okay, I might still make it on time. “Okay,” I said. ” “Good. Is there anything about you that would make you easy to recognize?

We wheeled onto Santa Monica toward West Hollywood. Rafferty drove very economically and very fast. He was strong-looking, deeply tanned, with a strong neck and muscular forearms. He wore a green Lacoste polo shirt, pale Levi’s jeans, and blue Tiger running shoes with green crosshatched striping. His face was chiseled and full of character, with a dimple in each cheek and one in the chin. He wore his hair longish and combed back. It was brown and sunlightened. In short he was manly and gorgeous.

I’ll give it a rest. But you’ve got to know what you’re dealing with. These aren’t tough guys who are trying to prove their manliness, or guys who are interested in who can take who. These are people who will shoot you in the back while you walk up to your door, or guys who will run you over when you’re crossing Melrose Avenue on your way to Lucy’s El Adobe. They don’t care if it hurts. They don’t care if it’s fair. They care about you being dead and silent. ” “You be scared of them,” Rafferty said.

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