IBank People: Call Account Individual


iBank People: Call Account Individual

With better yields than an ordinary account. A financial instrument that allows you to save, invest and access your money whenever you want.

The Call Account Individual of iBank is an instrument that allows one or more Natural persons to deposit in an account identified under a number and account holder (s).

This account also allows the withdrawal of funds via money transfer or to another Account within iBank or other financial institution.

1495 Monto Mínimo de apertura: $1.500 USD
1495 Saldo Mínimo: $1.500


Opening Deposit: $1.500 USD
Minimum Balance: $1.500 USD
Movements per month: 6
Checkbook: No
Credit Card: Included
Transfers per month: 6
Monthly Deposits: Unlimited
Cash Deposits: No
Performance: Yes
Online Access: Yes
Overdraw: No
Balance Alerts: Yes

Online Application:

Step One: Request Form

Complete in black ink (Please PRINT) The form “Client’s Information Individual” 

Step two: Recaudos

  • Scanned copy of passport or ID Document with photo.
  • Notarized Power of Attorney in case the client is going to authorize a representative to perform its operations.
  • Two (2) Commercial or Banking References
  • Income statement, Employer letter or Letter from a Public Accountant, that shows profession or craft, income source and amount.
  • Copy of a public service bill (gas, electricity, telephone, water), no more than two months old, or a bank statement on the client’s name and home address.
  • Signatures registry form

Step three: Online Application

Send the request form to info@i-bank.us Your request will be processed and you will be contacted by one of our executives in less than 72 hours

In case more information is needed, please contact your banking officer or write directly to IBank to the following email: info@i-bank.us

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